Türkan Dagli

Managing Director, owner

Türkan Dagli
CEO, Founder

Mathias Eichhorn

Over fifteen years of experience in the architecture and building industry. Visiting Professor at the School of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany from 2011-2012.Founded dagli+ atelier d’architecture in 2005.Won with dagli+ several international architecture and design awards, such as best architects 10, iF-Award, Designpreis 2010, Contractworld Award 2010, Ecola Award 2015, Forever Young, New Generation, AIT/Object Carpet 2017, as well as several national architectural competitions, such as Kirchberg Lot 8a, Janus Jana, Magentum and Shopping Center Hamilius.Dipl.-Ing. in architecture from the RWTH Aachen, thesis supervisor Prof. Klaus Kada. Joined Schneider.Schumacher, a renowned international architecture firm in Frankfurt, Germany, as project architect.Türkan is member of OAI, the professional association of architects in Luxemburg, urban planner and energy expert / assessor, member of the Fédération des jeunes dirigéants Luxembourg, Schopenhauer Society Frankfurt am Main.