residential project with 14 apartments in Walferdange

client: STELMA 4 S.à.r.l
gross floor area: 1.200 m2
volume: 6.000 m3
project period: 2021- ongoing construstion
visualization: GARE Architecture Visualisation & Lens Images
construction firm: Farei Services

In the quiet village of Walferdange we observe a series of buildings which contrast one another with their roofs and create quite different silhoettes. Using these elements as an inspiration, Dagli Atelier was inspired by these movements for the conception of the series of residences. The architectural movement draws its inspiration from the gestures of Human being. A residential building is a living space: The residence recalls human movement and creates real dynamics facades.

With four very different faces of the garden, the street, and the lateral facades, the three apartment buildings innovate the street facade of Walferdange with a new fifth and highly rhythmic facade. Its contemporary design offers reminders of the history of Walferdange.

The west façade is related with the backyard garden. So in this case the façade responds to the pedestrian speed, by not cutting or trying to frame any image of the activities happening inside the house. It rather gives the complete situation so it is possible to understand the whole movie.