Abri (Ecola Award Nomination)

LocationMamer, LU
Gross floor area1.020 m²
Volume3.100 m³
Budget2.2 million €
Project period2014
Visual artistarchitecture2brain, Berlin

“La Silhouette de Bierg” is located in the commune of Mamer, about 8 km in the west of Luxembourg. The plot is on top of a slightly elevated hill called “op Bierg” (on the mountaintop). The area of Mamer counts among the rapidly growing communes around the city of Luxembourg.

Our concept of the silhouette was inspired by the name of the area and the exposed location on a hilltop. We wanted to create a silhouette that merges into the hilly landscape and its surroundings. In order to draw a silhouette, we subdivided and layered the volumes, and underlined the silhouette with a dominant color.

According to our feeling and imagination we design our projects conceptually by structuring and layering the volumes. Our subtle play with gradients blends or accentuates edges to create a gracious sensitivity by means of depth and layering of the façade.¨

The interior of the building is divided into four units. The division is organized in such a way that the two areas don’t interfere in their privacy. Each of the units possesses either the ground or the top floor and shares the middle floor.

Thus, the garden areas are exclusively assigned to the ground floor, since the type the division of the middle floor does not provide the other party a direct view into garden. The middle floor hosts private areas like bedrooms, baths etc. both of the lower and upper unit. The living areas are located spatially as far apart as possible in the lower and upper floors.