Akbank Headquarters, Amsterdam & Frankfurt

LocationRembrandt Tower, Amsterdam, NL
Japan Tower, Frankfurt, DE
Gross floor area2.000 m² (NL), 800 m² (DE)
Volume7.000 m³ (NL), 3.000 m³ (DE)
Budget1 million € (NL), 400.000 € (DE)
Project period2008 (NL), 2012 (DE)
PhotographerJoerg Hempel, Aachen

AKBANK is the new Netherlands Headquarters of the AKBANK in the Rembrandt Tower in Amsterdam.

The key element for the design is the concrete core of the building. The architects focused on creating a sculptural furniture element around the core, transforming it into the “core object”. The design targets to activate the spaces around the core by using a generic order. The “windmills”, a conception based on generic design, generate endless rotations around the core. The windmills are used on two levels, an upper and a lower level on which they rotate in opposite directions. The dimension of time, i.e. in this case the motion of the user causes with each new perspective unique impressions of space. The space becomes actual space. The repetition of the concept on all of the four walls and the short distances cause the intuitive will to explore the sculpture.

The sculpture origins inside the concrete core in the elevator hall with an illuminated corian logo wall inviting visitors to step into the lounge of the bank. The dynamic shapes of the logo wall generate a certain motion that moves along the four sides of the concrete core, doing a 360° rotation. The swollen-out elements integrate functions such as wardrobes or storage cabinets in order to create the guiding and visual benchmark aspect of the sculpture.

At dagli+, we believe that a consequent design gives the firm the opportunity to identify itself through the location. A consequent design means for us to create and develop an architectural concept for the building and the design objects. It is crucial to make this concept understandable for the public. That’s why we realized the AKBANK agency using the unitary color and shape concept that generates with its neutral colors a modern-calm, sovereign organized impression.