avenue guillaume + rue de bragance

residential project with 8 apartments and a villa in Luxembourg

client: Felix Giorgetti s.à r.l.
project period: 2020-2022
photography: Lorenzo Zandri

The project consists of two sites at the intersection of two streets, one designed as a villa and the other designed as a residential project consisting of 8 units. The most challenging aspect of the project was
that it would give both streets a new façade. The concept was to create a very modest but well thought detailed project that would be in harmony with the existing façades and the context, rather than being in the foreground.

Mrs. Dagli defines this concept as follows:
“Invisibility is achieved through absolute adaptation, adapting to the surrounding environment to the
point of self-dissolution. (camouflage) In the democratic sense, adaptation is the mutual, communicative approach to one another. The successful adaptation is also an effect of communicative reason, as Habermas designed it.”