residential project with 6 apartments in Luxembourg

client: CENARO group
gross floor area: 750 m2
volume: 2.400 m3
project period: 2021- ongoing
visualization: Lens Images

The project is located in the Luxembourg City commune of Cents. It is home to many green areas filled with walking and cycling paths. Located in this unique semi-rural location, the project combines city and nature at the same time as it is located on Rue Cents, an important road for the city of Luxembourg. It
is also adjacent to public facilities such as a well-known cultural centre, school and folk sports centre.

The phenomenon we call home is one’s own private space. However, it is an important point to be in contact with the environment while creating this private space. In this context, the location of the project being looked at meets this very well. In this way, it has the opportunity to benefit from the city and nature at the same time. Taking the nature of the project as a reference, we designed a façade where people can live their private lives comfortably and stay in contact with the outside world to a certain extent. We designed in this context, based on translucency, just like a veil. While doing this, we respected the facade concept of the street. Mysterious in the light of day, nature retains her veil, despite our clamours:

“ That which she does not willingly display cannot be wrenched from her with levers, screws and hammers.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe