Goetz, Goetzingen

LocationGoetzingen, LU
Gross floor area500 m²
Volume1.500 m³
Budget1.2 million €
Project period2019
Visual artistbloomimages, Hamburg

The project is located in the village of Goetzingen, a green area 20km from Luxembourg city. One of the most valuable things of the villages is the essence that the things are. The existing places and relationships in a village are valuable in themselves.

The mentioned intrinsic characteristics in a village were the starting point of the project. The old houses of the villages are related volumetrically in an organic way, creating a unique ensemble full of complex simplicity. For this reason a cut volume pieces study was made to understand this geometric relationships.

The project, due to its location, seeks the appropriation of these organic connections in order to dialogue with the adjacent buildings and their environment. That is why it is a volumetric piece with cutting and broken areas, responding to the neighbors, the solar orientation or the views. It is a contemporary version of the village houses, establishing a simultaneous dialogue between old and new.

The aim of the project is to create a relationship with the past surrounding the project, without losing connection with the present tense at the same time. The building interprets the relationship between the houses in the historical fabric of a village.

The project articulates and deforms its geometries: warped rectangles define the floors, containing 3 different apartments and 1 duplex. The staircase and the lift communicate the three different levels and the basement. This angle becomes the articulation core of the project.

The general strategy of distribution of the floors in the apartments is generated also from the entrance, trying to distribute from this point all the spaces with the minimum corridor space.

The common living spaces are settled in the back part to benefit the most beautiful view to the extensive garden. Terraces are placed on the southern side looking out over the landscape of crops.

The openings are high windows and sliding doors in the case of the terraces, with a triple frame to make a smooth transition between the interior and the exterior bonds, at the same time as the building acquires its personality adapting itself without dominating the immediate setting. The rest of the building program (parking, installations, storage room, etc.) is located on a lower level and has also its own private entry from the street through the garage.