Rue Verte

LocationLuxembourg, LU
Gross floor area390 m2
Volume1100 m³
Project period2021
VisualizationsAtelier Dagli

Nowadays the way of living and working is pushing people to feel lonely even though they might live surrounded by people in apartment buildings. When societies started living in vertical – Apartment buildings – we lost the horizontal common spaces where the relations normally begin. As a consequence the connection with neighbors was lost. New ways of living that take into consideration the importance of community. In this project this is the main issue that drove the design of the apartments.

The plot is located in the south-west of Luxembourg. The area is well connected to Luxembourg City, it takes 25 minutes by bus, 15 minutes by car and 17 minutes by bike.

The district is home to many green areas full of walking and biking paths. Also there are facilities like a well-known cultural center, a school and public sports center.

In terms of urban scale, the project aims to be resilient with the area. The idea has been to compress the 7 apartments into a single family house volume in order to respect the façade concept of the street. The project combines the positive aspects of both living in an apartment and in a house. There is private parking if needed and gardens for each apartment in the back of the house.

This new way of approaching a housing project is optimizing the way of living by being energy efficient and reducing the land consumption by land densification. The concept is solving the problem that some families have in rural areas where nurseries in homes do not exist by giving the possibility of co-living with different generations in the same building.